Friday, May 23, 2008

Of Mice and Men quiz

1. What do you think will happen after George killed Lennie?

I think that George would tell everybody that he killed Lennie, and also his dream would not come true, which is live in the barn and have a better life. George would leave the barn to find another better life

2. What do you think of people killed Candy’s dog? What would you do if you were Candy?

I think it was sad that people killed his dog, because his dog just like his relative, that with him all the time, Candy was a old man, and he doesn’t have family in the barn, his dog was just like his son that he can takes care of. If I’m Candy, I would not let them killed my dog, I would talk to them that the dog was just like my son, what would you feel if I kill your son.

3. What question would you ask George?
I would ask George why he killed Lennie? I would like to him that because I really want to know why he killed Lennie, although Lennie did something that he was not suppose to do, but how can you kill a person that was always with you, just like your brother.

4. How is this movie similar to Native Son?
I think this book is kind of similar to Native Son, but not all. I think Lennie killed Curly’s wife is similar to Native Son because they all have to deal with crime.

5. What do you think was the turning point of this book?

I think the turning point would be when Lennie killed Curley’s wife, because everything changed at that time. In the beginning of the story everything went fine, but when Lennie killed Curly’s wife, Lennie was scared and at the end George killed Lennie

6. Could this happen in the world today?

It might happen today because there is many people have their dreams and people can do anything for their dreams.

7. What factor would you change if you were George looking for Lennie?

If I’m George looking for Lennie I won’t kill Lennie, I would escape with Lennie, go to another place to find our dream.

8. What do you think George felt after he killed Lennie?

I think he would be sad because he doesn’t want to kill Lennie.

9. Imagine what would happen if Curly find Lennie?

I think if Curly find Lennie, he would kill Lennie, because Curly doesn’t like Lennie, and they both have some problems with each other.

10. What do you think about the ending?

I think the ending was sad because at the end George killed Lennie, they were best friends just like brothers. But George killed Lennie because Lennie killed Curly’s wife.
I think the reason George killed Lennie was because he doesn’t want Curly find Lennie, Curly would bring Lennie back to the farm and kill him.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American dream

What is an American dream? I think an American dream is a way to make life better, to work more harder. There are many people around me had different American dreams, some people wants to get more money so they can have a better life, some people wants to challenge a different life, and some people just want more freedom. But anyway, what they do is for life.

Have you ever read the book Of Mice and Men? If you wonder about what is an American dream, you got to read this book. This is a book that talks about people and their “American Dream”.

In this book, there are many different dreams. George and Lennie, their dreams were simple. George is an intelligent guy who takes care of Lennie, and he dreams of a better life, have a farm, a peace place to live. Lennie is an intellectually disabled man who travels with George, all he dreams about is to tend the rabbits and live with George happy ever after.

Curley’s wife also had a dream, too. Curley’s wife wants to become a dancer/actress. Her dream is different from George and Lennie’s, her dream was not that simple, her dream had to work so hard so that she can become famous, but she never did. How can you become a famous person? You need to use men so you can get your dreams come true, which Curley’s wife did. She lived in a barn and she was the only woman in the barn, which had nobody to talk to, she was lonely, all she wants is to do is to talk to people about how she feels. But at finally, Lennie killed her, and her dream never come true.

In conclusion, everyone has their own American dream, but in order to let your dream come true, you have to know what’s your dream. The book ‘Of Mice and Men’ has a lot of examples of different American dreams.

Service Learning

Last Thursday, we had a meeting, we talked about what we going to do for the ice cream sale. We finally decided that the date would be May 21th, 2008. Mrs. Madhi assigned us to bring supplies for the ice cream sale, such as water ice, ice cream sandwiches, napkins, cups, spoons, etc. And I will bring small cups for the water ice. Everything cost a dollar, we were thinking about to get two different size of water ice, and the small one cost a dollar, the large one cost two dollars. But we said that people might not get the large one because it cost too much, there will be many people buy the small one water ice. So we will only get the small one that cost a dollar.

Service Learning

Last Friday, we had an ice cream sale in the school. During the 30 minutes lunchtime, we made approximately $100. We are planning to have another ice cream sale for the coming week. Mrs. Madhi assigned people to create posters during the meeting for the sale, and we talked about what do we need for the next ice cream sale.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Service learning reflection

Last week, we received an E-mail from the C.H.O.P and we discussed about the "Wish List". The Wish List had a list of stuffs about what they need, such as toys, CD players, phone/phone cards, books, etc. Basically, we think they asked for too much, the Wish List was like one page long, we doesn't have enough money to buy these things, so we decided to sell ice cream sandwiches, water ice, and pretzels in the school so we can get money to buy books and toys for them. We try to buy everything from the Wish List. We will begin to sell these thing on May 9th, which is Friday, and  Tanaya's birthday. For the next meeting, I think we will discuss about where to get the food and who's going to get these. I think the meeting was successful because we got a lot of things done!